Expect to see them in 2014

Here's a (temporary) sigh of relief, Facebook users: Facebook doesn't plan on launching auto-play video ads anytime before 2014.

According to All Things D, the social giant will delay the release of auto-play video ads once again until 2014. Facebook reportedly wants extra time to see how its users have behaved with noncommercial ads first before it launches the new ones.

The auto-play video ads were supposed to launch in the first half of this year, but Facebook has delayed them more than once in an effort to conduct more research and avoid upsetting users. Ad-related launches are particularly challenging when it comes to users, since ads typically diminish the experience and can cause people to stop using the service if advertisements have become too annoying. 

While the new auto-play video ads will play on their own, the user will have to activate the volume.

While users are likely happy to hear about another delay, advertisers looking to cash in on the auto-play video ads are probably not as thrilled. Facebook is a hotbed of communication and advertisements, and the addition of video ads will surely rake in some cash. In fact, Morgan Stanley said that Facebook could rake in approximately $1 billion from video ads in 2013 (a prediction made earlier this year when the launch was supposed to happen). 

Also, advertisers are probably bummed that the video ads won't be available in time for the holiday season.

Facebook probably wants to get the video ads rolling as well, as it stands to win in the way of ad revenue. 

Source: All Things D

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