The FCC wants broadband companies to reach the 100 Mbps plateau in 10 years

FCC Chariman Julius Genachowski wants to see ultra-high-speed broadband internet in 100 million U.S. households within the next 10 years, though the plan already has met criticism. 

"No one can argue that we are leading the world in broadband, or are even as close as we should be," Genachowski said during a recent speech.  The 100 Mbps idea is "ambitious but achievable" by 2020, but only if the U.S. government and broadband companies work to reach that speed.

The FCC plans to give Congress a national broadband plan sometime in March, but it's unknown how important the issue is to Congress.  Google announced plans for a 100 Mbps service, and the broadband industry continues to discuss the realistic possibility of Internet speeds that high in the coming years.

Some industry executives said they won't be able to afford to reach the 100 Mbps level in 10 years, with Qwest Communications, AT&T and several other companies against the FCC's latest initiative.  Verizon, however, successfully completed tests of a 100 Mbps service using its high-speed FiOS network.

"[One gigabit per second] as discussed in current news reports is a lot of signal; typically enough for many massive business operations," Verizon noted in a statement.  "But we could make it happen over the FiOS network without much trouble, should a market for it develop."  

Until then, the company will continue to offer a 50 Mbps internet connection to subscribers.  Up to 50 million subscribers have access to internet up to 50 Mbps from Verizon and several other companies.  

Even if companies are able to reach 100 Mbps by 2020, it's unknown how many consumers will be interested in purchasing the extremely pricey service.

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