Employees to wear black in silent protest of Chairman Martin’s micromanaging

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin is facing an attack on all sides: in addition to the already ongoing congressional audit, it appears that FCC employees will launch a silent protest to express their disgust at the “super-politicized work life” that inhabits the bureau.

FCC employees participating in the protest will dress in black today, which coincides with the third anniversary of Martin’s induction as the FCC Chair.

“Nothing happens in the Commission without the approval of the Chairman's office,” said an anonymous source to Ars Technica. “It is incredible. We have become so political.”

When pressed about the nature of the Chair’s decisions, the anonymous source claimed that Martin’s direction seems so random that he “got up this morning and ate his breakfast and just decided to do it.” FCC staff doesn’t have an issue with Martin’s perspective on the issues, says the source, but rather the fact that decisions and edicts are handed out without regard to rules and procedures – even Congressional mandate – “on a day-to-day level.”

“In the past I may or may not have agreed with the outcome, but at least the proper procedures were followed. Now they tell us 'what are the media reform groups going to do: file a class action lawsuit? Just do it,’” said the source. “Ethically, I have to sleep at night. It's not the decision; it's how the decision is reached. The situation has become arbitrary and capricious.”

Ars Technica’s source was unable to provide specific examples when pressed, for fear of a targeted reprisal from top FCC brass. However, with the FCC facing congressional heat over allegations of meddling with sensitive internal audits – audits a whistleblower later called “skewed,” – and Martin’s history of reaching controversial conclusions, it is possible that the source’s story is true.

“I love my job,” said the source. “But this situation has become unbearable. We will not play this game. I have to sleep at night.”

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