Test sites were chosen for geographic and climatic diversity says FAA

The FAA has announced the first six locations that will act as test sites for unmanned aircraft systems into the air traffic system around the country. Before the FAA allows widespread use of drone aircraft around the country, it has to test the system out and be sure that people in the air and on the ground will be safe.
The FAA says that data generated by the test sites will, "Answer key research questions such as solutions for ‘sense and avoid,’ command and control, ground control station standards and human factors, airworthiness, lost link procedures and the interface with the air traffic control system."

RTS Pars Rescue Drone
The six test sites include the University of Alaska, State of Nevada, New York Griffiss International Airport, North Dakota Department of Commerce, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, and Virginia Tech. Each of these test locations will concentrate on specific aspect such as guidelines for state monitoring and navigation via the University of Alaska.
The FAA says that the six test locations give it a cross-country geographic and climatic diversity. The test sites will also use and schedule access to the test zones for all parties interested in using the sites. The test sites will be operational until February 13, 2017 under the current law.
Earlier this month, Amazon announced plans to deliver packages to customers using unmanned aerial drones in the near future.

Source: FAA

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