Take a look on robotic creations at the Science museum in London

This artwork created by Canadian Louis-Philippe Demers, which an artificial skull follows the motion of a visitor by its robotic eyes. Is on display at the Robot’s exhibition, at the Museum of Science in London. 

European Pressphoto Agency

There are more interesting ones with different talent too. 
Anonymous Hacker Pulls Plug on Thousands of Dark Net Sites
Reported that a twenty percent of the Dark Net was taken offline last week
When, a hacker compromised a server hosting some 10,000 websites on the Tor network. Tor designed to hide the identities of its users, is widely used on the Dark Web, which serves as a hub for illegal online activities. Visitors to the affected pages were greeted with the message, ”Hello, Freedom Hosting 11, you’ve been hacked”

Facebook introduced a new employee benefits policy
Reported; Coo Sheryl Sandberg announced an update to the company’s employee benefits, and make lives easer for new parents and grieving employees too. This update includes paid family sick leave and new bereavement benefits for employees.
BBC: Eco-car wins eight Indonesian students their F1 dream
Eight Indonesian engineering students from modest background won an international competition to design an eco-car
They won the competition on their forth attempt and got to spent a week with Ferrari in Italy at the famous Fiorina F1 circuit.
Opera browser version 43 for desktop launched with faster page loading features
The company claims that the latest version of Opera browser predicts the website as the users type in the address bar and starting to load the page in the background.
Lenovo’s P71 and P51 will hit the market soon.
Lenovo launches new ThinkPad laptops with Intel ’Kaby Lake’ CPUS.
New devices P71will be available in the US market on April but P51 in March.

We  will post the reviews after becomes available in the market, so that we could get on hold of one.

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