EU raises daily cap to $3.8M USD

DailyTech reported last week that Microsoft is not complying with the European Union's (EU) wishes in regards to an ongoing antitrust battle. Microsoft and the EU have been butting heads since the March 2004 antitrust ruling.

Microsoft has been asked to hand over documentation to its competitors detailing the inner workings of its software applications or face daily $2.6 million USD fines. A report from Reuters today states that the EU plans to raise the cap on daily fines to $3.8 million USD:

The penalty, likely to run into hundreds of millions of euros, comes on top of a record 497 million euro fine the Commission already imposed in its landmark antitrust decision against Microsoft in March 2004. It signals the Commission's determination to force Microsoft to obey its decision as well as a loss of patience after the company has had two years to comply and has used every available legal avenue to spin out the process.

Microsoft has shown no signs of backing down from its position to not divulge what it sees as its prized intellectual property. Microsoft has also stated that every change that it has made to comply with the ruling has met with more roadblocks from the EU.

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