Running from the fuzz just got a little bit harder thanks to Eureka Aerospace

High-speed police chases are nothing new to Americans these days. Local (and often times national) TV stations are quick to break into regular programming when a high speed chase occurs and will follow the incident to its completion. TV stations know that people are keen to tune in -- just as they are likely to slow down and rubberneck for an accident on the side of the highway.

Criminals and TV stations alike may have something to fear in the future thanks to Eureka Aerospace. Eureka's contraption has nothing to do with the "PIT Maneuver" or spike strips -- instead, it uses microwaves to effectively zap a cars electrical system rendering it inoperable.

The rooftop mounted device in its current version measures 5' x 3' by 1' and weighs roughly 200 pounds. The high-powered weapon operates at 300 MHz and is not harmful to humans.

In order to stop a vehicle, energy for the weapon is amplified using a generator and then converted into microwave radiation. The energy beam is then pin-pointed at the fleeing vehicle using a specially designed antenna.

A burst of energy lasting only 50 nanoseconds can effectively put a vehicle's electrical system out of commission. Eureka Aerospace has already performed four successful tests on donated vehicles at distances of 10 to 50 feet.

"The idea is to warn an automobile some distance away from a high-value target like a military barrack or a communication center. If they don't comply, you just zap them and it prevents them from coming closer," said Eureka Aerospace CEO James Tatoian.

As with most devices, the technology will improve as time progresses. Tatoian projects that his company will be able to shrink the current hardware down to a 50 pound package within two years and disable vehicles from up to 600 feet away.

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