Oh snap! goes the Wii Remote - Image courtesy Kotaku

This projection TV falls victim to a Wii Remote - Image courtesy Kotaku
And you thought the PS3 was having compatibility problems with TVs

In all the excitement of owning one of the hottest items this holiday season, some Wii owners are finding that rogue Wiimotes launched from the hands of spastic gamers are destroying their television sets.

If you’ve spent any time with a Wii, you’d know that before every game comes a reminder for the user to don the wrist-strap on every Wiimote. Now, for users who do not heed the instructions and find themselves with a broken TV from an airborne controller will get no sympathy from us.

However, even the good little boys and girls who always practice safe Wii are finding that the wrist-straps are no match for the force at which gamers fling. This poor bloke featured on Kotaku has anguish on his face after a Wiimote cracked his projection TV. Joystiq has another account of a similar occurrence. Then these other guys captured on video a Wiimote being tomahawked onto a table.

Some users, especially those with enthusiastic children, are poking Nintendo for a recall of the wrist straps. Until that time, our only advice to you is to be mindful of your movements when using the Wiimote, and to try to remove the lubricant-like sweat substance from your palms periodically during game sessions.

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