Gas vehicle sales to decline slightly in next several decades

The U.S. Energy Department recently offered up its predictions for what fuel will powered the majority of vehicles in the U.S. over the next several decades. The Energy Department sees gasoline-powered vehicles dominating the market through at least 2040.
The Energy Department also predicts that the fuel efficiency of the cars and trucks on the roads around the nation will increase to 37.2 mpg by 2040 (current fuel efficiency is around 23.6 mpg on average).
During the same time span, the overall energy consumption of the U.S. is expected to fall by 4 percent.

 BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car

The percentage of gasoline vehicles sold over the next three decades plus will only decline slightly. The Energy Department predicts that 78 percent of all vehicles on the road in 2040 will be powered by gas compared to 82 percent of all vehicles using gas last year.
However, the agency does expect to see an uptick in hybrids by 2040 with 5 percent of vehicles on the roads being hybrids compared to the current 3 percent.
The agency expects to see a scant 1 percent of vehicle sales comprised of plug-in hybrids by 2040 with 1 percent being full electric vehicles by the same date. By 2040, the agency expects that 4 percent of vehicles on the roads will be diesel-powered, double the percentage from today.

Sources: Detroit News, The Energy Information Agency

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