Ford Broadmeadows Assembly Plant  (Source: Hamish Blair / Getty Images)
The last six-cylinder rear-wheel drive Falcon XR6 was just built at Ford's Broadmeadows plant in Melbourne Australia. An estimated 600 Ford workers will lose their jobs on Friday as plant closes.

This is truly the end of an Era for Austrilia's car manufacturing operations. For 91  years, Australia has been making the Ford Falcon XR6 at its Broadmeadows plant in Melbourne.  A estimated 3.5 million Ford Falcons were produced since 1960.

Photo Source: Stillwell Ford Australia

Chief Executive Graeme Whickman of Ford Australia said while it was a difficult day, it was an honor to see the last Falcon XR6 produced. He further stated that the last cars will be put in the Ford Australia museum instead of being sold.

The Ford Falcon was made famous by the Mel Gibson movie, "The Road Warrior." In the movie Mel Gibson drives a black 1973 XB GT Ford Falcon Coupe which was modififed, in the movie, to become a police interceptor.

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Ford is not the only car manufacturing company to close its doors in Australia.  According to Fortune, GM Holden and Toyota Australia will be shutting down their plants next year.

AccordiReports say that the market shifted when Australian motoerist favored oversea-made small cars and sports utilities over big passenger cars locally produced by Ford and Holden.

Sources: MSN, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal

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