Eizo FlexScan SX2461W-U  (Source: Gizmodo)
Eizo FlexScan SX2461W-U LCD helps colorblind users to distinguish between colors

For most computer users who spend many hours working on a computer each day, a large screen LCD display is very welcome. However, for some users -- particularly those who are colorblind -- working on a computer can be very difficult.

According to the Color Universal Design Organization in the U.S. and Europe one of every 10 to 12 males have color vision different from ordinary people and one of every 200 females does as well. Globally over 200 million people are believed to be colorblind.

For colorblind people the colors that they have the most difficulty recognizing are red, green and yellow along with other hues that are similar. The inability to distinguish between certain colors for colorblind users can make a typical large 30-inch display like the Gateway XHD3000 uncomfortable to use. 

Gizmodo is reporting that Eizo has a new 24-inch LCD display called the FlexScan SX2461W-U that is aimed directly at users who are colorblind.

The SX2461W-U uses Color Universal Design technology that uses different color schemes and shapes to help colorblind users distinguish between different colors. The display has a pair of HDCP DVI ports that allows you to use one display for two computers and some USB ports as well. This display can be used by non-colorblind users as well with different profiles available.

The price for the display is $1,275, which is in line for a 24-inch Eizo display. The contrast ratio is 850:1 and the brightness is 300 CD/m2. The SX2461W-U should be available in December.

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