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It could also create a particular gene signature in the tumors much like a subset of breast cancers known as basal-like, which are much more aggressive

The development of breast cancer can be sped up during puberty when consuming a high-fat diet, a new study says. 

Researchers from the Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program at Michigan State University -- led by Sandra Haslam (physiology professor in MSU's College of Human Medicine) and Richard Schwartz (microbiology professor and associate dean in the College of Natural Science) -- have found that a high-fat diet during puberty can not only speed up breast cancer development, but also potentially cause more aggressive types of cancer.

The team used a preclinical model to show that the breast experiences changes like increased cell growth and alterations in immune cells before any tumors arise when consuming a diet high in saturated animal fat through puberty. Such changes can lead to a speedier development of precancerous lesions, and eventually breast cancer.

On top of that, a high-fat diet during puberty can create a particular gene signature in the tumors much like a subset of breast cancers known as basal-like, which are much more aggressive. 

The study even noted that eating a diet high in saturated animal fat could potentially have permanent effects -- even if you switch to a low-fat diet later on. 

"It's important to note that since our experimental model did not involve any weight gain from the high-fat diet, these findings are relevant to a much broader segment of the population than just those who are overweight," said Schwartz. "This shows the culprit is the fat itself rather than weight gain.
"Overall, our current research indicates that avoiding excessive dietary fat of this type may help lower one's risk of breast cancer down the road. And since there isn't any evidence suggesting that avoiding this type of diet is harmful, it just makes sense to do it."

This study was published in Breast Cancer Research.

Source: Science Daily

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Animal fat
By Jeffk464 on 11/27/2013 4:13:41 PM , Rating: 2
They need to do more to distinguish animal fat out from vegetable and fish oils. I'm guess the healthy oils don't have much of an effect but this study doesn't make it clear. There is overwhelming evidence that their is an increased risk of cancer from a diet high in red meat in general and possible increase chance from eating meat in general. To play it safe people should probably get the vast majority of their meat from fish and poultry. Anyways a high animal fat diet is more likely to kill you from a heart attack than it is from cancer.

RE: Animal fat
By LordSojar on 11/28/2013 12:38:04 PM , Rating: 2
Except that as animal fat intake has declined and vegetable substitutes have increased (right alongside shortening based products) we've seen the obesity epidemic reach new heights, diabetes rage out of control.

In fact, we have seen a substantial decrease in red meat and high fat dairy intake, and yet... heart disease in that same period of decrease, where we were replacing those foods with low fat high sugar dairy and white meat (typically adulterated with sugar as well in some for or another), a 300% increase in heart disease.

Now, correlation of course does not equal causation... but... How can it be animal fat or fat in general that is causing all these problems when the only thing we've done is decrease their intake year after year.

And then of course, you have the Central and Western European countries that have increased their saturated fat intake and have seen a large DECREASE in heart disease and diabetes rates.

So at the end of the day, with study after study yielding results that contradict the misinformation, outright lies or bad science popularized in the late 70's Low Fat movement, how can we honestly continue to blame the very thing we evolved from eating and the very thing that kept us free from these diseases for over 10,000 years (generally speaking of course)

RE: Animal fat
By LordSojar on 11/28/2013 12:42:48 PM , Rating: 2
TL;DR Version: Blame sugar intake (not just carb per say). Sugar isn't meant to be eaten the way we eat it or in the quantity we eat it.

Extended point:

As humans, we are built to eat protein and fat, as well as highly fibrous carbohydrates, not sugar, not processed or refined carbs and not fruit etc year round. There is no doubt fruit has health benefits, but it was originally only eaten in the summer and late spring early fall months, because it was only available then. We'd fatten up during those months to endure the winter. Hmmm... but let's eat the same kind of stuff year round! Clearly this will have no ill side effects! Also, let's make all our beverages sugar death traps; we'll be fine!

RE: Animal fat
By purerice on 11/30/2013 2:16:43 PM , Rating: 2
Good point. I wonder if the problem is not the alleged increase of fat but the increase in calories in/calories out ratio exacerbated by lack of exercise+increased sugar intake.

Consumption of fake sugars also prevents the body from processing fat and real toxins as it used to because the liver has to process the fake sugars instead of processing other toxins or fat.

Cancer requires an acidic environment and fat is not as acidifying as processed sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Basically, the article applies correlation to causality and misses much stronger and likelier links to cancer (or obesity for that matter) with fat intake.

RE: Animal fat
By wordsworm on 11/28/2013 2:23:20 PM , Rating: 2
You're making the assumption that there was little or no death toll from these eating behaviours. However, there are a few problems with this assumption. The first is that the ability for doctors to diagnose disease has improved from where they had little or no idea to they know exactly the cause of death. Another factor is that it was normal for people to die at a younger age. The last 100 years has been huge for extending the average lifespan.

Other factors may come into play as well. For instance, causes of death has changed over the years: ie., WWI and WWII, the bubonic plague, and unchecked environmental pollution are all causes of death that will kill people before they have a chance to die from a high fat diet.

RE: Animal fat
By SilthDraeth on 11/28/2013 6:06:21 PM , Rating: 2
That is why red meat is the most easily processed by our bodies. Because it is so bad for us.

RE: Animal fat
By Reclaimer77 on 11/28/2013 7:13:23 PM , Rating: 2
That's been debunked too. Everything we were told about red meat increasing heart disease and stroke risks was a lie.

Depending on your diet, avoiding red meat is actually bad for you. Red meat is a great source of zinc and iron, two minerals that tend to be low in the diets of many people, as it's hard to get from other foods. It is also a great source of high quality protein, something most people don't get nearly enough of.

As usual with food studies, correlation is all too often made out to be causation.

RE: Animal fat
By SilthDraeth on 11/28/2013 7:24:58 PM , Rating: 2
Forgot to add the /sarcasm to my post.

Uh oh
By chmilz on 11/27/2013 2:43:26 PM , Rating: 2
Based on my random observation of teenagers when I'm at the mall or whatever, there be lots of pending breast cancer out there.

Someone needs to tell these girls that they'll get curves as they mature, and packing fat on today will turn into obesity in their early 20's.

RE: Uh oh
By headbox on 11/27/2013 4:31:38 PM , Rating: 3
Modern medicine is about treating the symptoms, not the cause. Got heartburn? They will prescribe you a pill so you can more comfortably stuff your fat face with junk. Got high cholesterol or blood pressure? Take a pill and eat more junk. Can't get it up? Take a little blue pill and your wife can imagine you're Christian Bale as you slam your gut into hers for 2 blissful minutes.

If only Obesity killed before child bearing years. That would be awesome.

What a JOKE
By scottboy on 11/27/2013 3:28:39 PM , Rating: 2
Study was done on mice for starters
Initial concern over the carbohydrate content of Diet I and the potential for the development of metabolic syndrome led us to also use Diet II, which contained maltodextrin instead of the dextrin and sucrose contained in Diet I.

And there were numerous studies that linked blood glucose with an increased risk of cancer.

RE: What a JOKE
By senecarr on 12/4/2013 2:17:59 PM , Rating: 2
So the study was done on fat intake during mouse puberty? Somehow I don't think mouse puberty captures human puberty very well, especially not the social awkwardness.

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