Formal text of a new battery recycling law has been agreed upon by the Europeon Union

The European Union has settled on the formal text of a new battery recycling law. Under the new law, which would go in effect starting 2008, batteries with trace amounts of toxic chemicals will have to be recycled. Batteries affected include any batteries that contain cadmium or mercury which is damaging to health -- including AA, cell phone batteries, notebook batteries and even batteries found on computer motherboards.

Retailers and local authorities are expected to have collection boxes in stores or some type of collection method within the two year time frame. Picking up the recycling bill will be the battery manufacturers which may raise battery prices. Failing to separate batteries from normal garbage may also result in fines for home owners.

Even though the law hasn’t gone into effect there are already naysayers that argue the exception of industrial power tools could make the law useless.  The EU has been extremely progressive with environmental protection and electronics.  The Restriction of Hazardous Substances, or RoHS, was adopted by the EU in 2003, which virtually eliminated lead from solder and other electrical components.

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