"Shoe" tells the world which game companies don't like EGM

For much of late November and early December, the online gaming press was focussed on the issues surrounding the firing of former GameSpot editor Jeff Gerstmann and the resulting fallout. Websites covered and discussed the “separation of church-and-state” with regards to sales and editorial, exposing some of the less admirable tactics used by games publishers to promote their products.

With the lead time associated with print, magazines are now joining the fray. In an upcoming issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM), editor-in-chief Dan Hsu reveals in his editorial that his magazine is also a victim of publisher arm-twist tactics.

Hsu reveals that several publishers have reached a point where they are no longer willing to support EGM due to the magazine’s less than favorable review history of certain products. According to Video Game Media Watch, Hsu called out specifically Midway’s Mortal Kombat development team, Sony’s sports game division, and Ubisoft – all which have allegedly banned EGM from further coverage of their products.

Despite the attitude of the named publishers, Hsu said that EGM “won’t treat these products or companies any differently.”

Although the situation that Hsu describes is bad, it’s still not quite as ugly as what may (or conversely, may not) have gone down at GameSpot last year. It’s one thing for a publisher to stop supporting a magazine with information, but it’s an entirely larger problem when a publisher can influence editorial decisions with the lure of advertising dollars.

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