Once Mayor Bloomberg signs the measure, it would take about four months for it to go into effect

Smokers in New York City who thought they could get away with using e-cigarettes in public places will have to rethink their strategy as the city plans to ban those as well.

According to ABC News, NYC City Council voted to expand the smoking ban to include e-cigarettes yesterday by 43-8. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is expected to sign the measure. 

The city has two main issues with e-cigarettes: there isn't enough proof that they're safe for smokers (as well as those breathing it in around them), and NYC doesn't want to lose the progress it's made with banning tobacco cigarettes. 

It's also confusing to owners of restaurants and other public places, who know that tobacco cigarettes are banned but aren't quite sure where e-cigarettes fall in the discussion.

E-cigarettes emit vapors when tobacco-free smoke heats up a chemical solution. This allows smokers to receive nicotine without bothering those around them with smoke and tobacco smells. 

While scientists say that tobacco cigarette smokers who switch to e-cigarettes are lowering their health risk significantly, the e-cigarette devices aren't regulated and there's no evidence that they're safe. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has said it plans to regulate e-cigarettes as tobacco products, but hasn't set any rules quite yet. 

E-cigarette manufacturers -- as you might've guessed -- aren't onboard with NYC's decision. They say e-cigarettes aren't "gateway" drugs to using tobacco cigarettes, and that banning them before any scientific proof is presented does the public a "disservice."

They also didn't think e-cigarettes should be banned just because they look and act like real tobacco cigarettes.

"That's like saying we shouldn't be able to sell water because it looks like vodka," said Miguel Martin, president of e-cigarette brand Logic.

Once Mayor Bloomberg signs the measure, it would take about four months for it to go into effect. 

Source: ABC News

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