New rules make it easier for sellers to pursue resolution

One of the greatest fears of eBay sellers is that their customers won't send payment for items they win.  In such cases new sellers fear losing not only the posting fee, but also the Final Value Fee, if the conflict goes unresolved.  Fortunately, over the years, eBay has tweaked its rules governing buying and selling many times to try to fix this problem, among others.  EBay has developed a mediation system that kicks in when buyers and sellers cannot resolve their disputes.  Some of these rules provide provisions for relisting unpaid items.

Now it has revealed a revised process that should make it easier for sellers to pursue action against non-payers.  Under the new rules the waiting period before a dispute can be opened drops from 7 days to 4 days.  The entire mediation process now will be settled in 30 days, as opposed to 60 days previously.

Sellers do have to file disputes quicker, though -- they now have 32 days after the sale of the item, down from the previous 45 days.  Sellers will have less forms to fill out, though, so the process should go quicker.  Sellers can now elect not to communicate with the buyer -- they elect the level of contact to have with the customer. 

EBay controls the emails between buyer and seller to keep their tone neutral.  While the negative impacts on the buyer remain the same, the language has been softened with words like "unpaid item strike" previously used to described unpaid item offenses removed and replaced.

The new rules have already taken effect, according to eBay officials.

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