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In early 2003, after impressing nearly everyone with its fantastic Battlefield 1942 title, developer Digital Illusions CE signed a multi-year publishing agreement with Electronic Arts. DICE also agreed to sell a minority interest of the company to EA, which in late 2004 evolved into an acquisition.

Today, nearly two years after the initial announcement, Electronic Arts announced the completion of its acquisition of DICE. Located in Stockholm, Sweden, DICE becomes a fully integrated EA studio dedicated to growing the Battlefield franchise and developing new products for the PC, next generation consoles and other new platforms.

"EA is thrilled to officially welcome this team of incredibly talented people and a globally recognized game franchise," said Paul Lee, President of EA's Worldwide Studios. "The DICE studio has strong opportunity for growth as we build the Battlefield franchise and other new products. We're confident that our creative approach and business leadership principles are well matched to share future success." 

Patrick Soderlund, DICE CEO, said, "Being part of the EA studio team is a great step forward that will help us continue to deliver new games and new franchises to DICE fans. We've been working very closely with EA for the past five years and this is a very natural step for us as we move into the next generation of gaming."

Soderlund will become an EA Studio General Manager, maintaining responsibility for the DICE studio and taking on additional creative responsibilities. The DICE leadership team will continue in their roles in Stockholm. 

The acquisition was completed via a merger through which EA acquired the assets and liabilities of DICE. DICE shareholders, representing approximately 2.6 million shares, will receive SEK 67.50 per share in cash, to be paid out on October 16, 2006.

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