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Nuna4 finishes the challenge in first place  (Source: World Solar Challenge)
Delft University crossed the finish line in first place

Race officials confirmed entry car "Nuna4" won last week's 2007 World Solar Challenge with a time of 33 hours and 17 minutes - an average pace of 92.07 km/h.  The Dutch team traveled the final 760 kilometers of the race in eight hours. 

Team Nuon Solar has won the race four times and is the current race record holder with a time of 29 hours and 11 minutes.  The race is focused more on how far a car can go on limited energy over how fast the vehicle was able to move.

"It feels fantastic.  Absolutely fantastic," said Oliver van der Meer, Nuna4 car driver.  "I mean we work so hard for this.  Our heart, blood, sweat and tears are in that car."

The World Solar Challenge is a 3,000 kilometer international solar powered-car adventure challenge from Darwin, Australia to Adelaide.

Rule changes for the 20th anniversary means the Nuon Solar Team's time will again own a new world record for the race.  The biggest change was that all cars this year could have up to  six square meters of solar panels, a two-meter size reduction from previous challenges.

The Dutch team headed into Angle Vale with a comfortable lead over the second place Umicore Solar Team's Umicar Infinity vehicle, which completed the race in 34 hours and 36 minutes.  The Australian Aurora 101 finished third with a time of 35 hours and 17 minutes.  The Aussie team was proud of their accomplishment because the teams that beat them "spent over $700,000 for the solar cells alone, the type of cells they use in space."

"Vista runs on Atom ... It's just no one uses it". -- Intel CEO Paul Otellini
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