Users previously paid $10/month for just 100GB of storage

The cloud storage pricing war kicked off earlier this year when Google started slashing prices on its Google Drive service. Microsoft responded in a big way by providing 15GB of storage for free via OneDrive, while also giving users who sign up for a $6.99/month Office 365 subscription access to 1TB of storage.
Dropbox, however, has largely sat silently on the sidelines preferring to let its more pervasive and robust cloud storage platform to stand on its own merits rather than delve into a pricing war.

That silence ends today, as Dropbox has announced that Dropbox Pro users will now get 1TB of storage space for $9.99 month. This is a dramatic increase in storage compared to what the same price got you just yesterday: 100GB. Users previously had to part with $500/year just to get 500GB of storage space.
Existing Dropbox Pro users don’t have to do anything to receive the upgrade storage limits — they will filter down to all users over the coming days.

In addition to 1TB of storage, new sharing controls are being offered with Dropbox Pro including passwords for shared links, view-only permissions for shared folders, the ability to set expiration dates for shared links, and a remote wipe feature to erase Dropbox files on a stolen device while keeping the “cloud” copy backed up for safe keeping.

Source: Dropbox

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