Dot-mobi will be the first domain suffix created specifically to cater to mobile devices

Since ICANN believes we do not have enough top level domains (TLDs), we will soon have the grace of .MOBI upon us.   The new TLD will serve the purpose of guiding mobile users to made-for-mobile content formatted especially for mobile devices. As of right now, trademark holders in the mobile industry are allowed to register. General trademark holders can begin registering their trademarks on June 12 and the domain doors will be opened to the public for registration on August 28.   

The fact that not all web sites are optimized for mobile users makes parts of the Internet relatively inaccessible to mobile devices. This is where .MOBI makes sense by identifying clearly mobile-friendly Internet services. Despite the widespread adoption of mobile devices, the constantly changing data capabilities of these devices and standards can slow down its acceptance and make developing generalized services for mobile users a difficult proposition. However, ICANN has no stipulations on the .MOBI TLD, meaning the purchaser does not require WAP or light CSS support.

ICANN just approved the .TEL top level domain a few days ago, and the .EU TLD had its general availability launch last month.  However, even in this spree of additional TLDs, ICANN continues to reject the .XXX TLD proposals

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