Google Glass untis at the hospital were modified to read QR codes

While a lot of bars and eateries want to ban Google Glass from the premises over fears of privacy violations, Google's wearable is being investigated to help save lives at hospitals. And to prove its viability in the read world, Dr. Steven Horng started a pilot program using Google Glass at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center last year.
Horng believed that Glass could help save lives by offering access to the patient's medical records in a method that was easier for the doctor to search and access. In at least one case, the benefits of Glass in the hospital setting have been proven.

Dr. Steven Horng with his modified Google Glass [Image Source: Suzanne Kreiter/Boston Globe]
Dr. Horng used the Glass to access the records of a person he was treating that had bleeding in the brain. Using Glass, he opened the patient's charts and found that the man was allergic to two of the blood pressure medicines that are commonly used to treat brain hemorrhage of that type. Rather than taking time and waiting on treatment to search files manually, the charts were accessed on the Glass headset and the correct meds given.
“We’re doing this to prove that the technology can work and really motivate others to explore this space with us,” said Horng, who helped pioneer the use of Google Glass at the hospital.
At Horng's hospital, patient rooms have QR codes on doorways that link to that person's medical records. That gives access to the patient charts right away when the doctor walks in. Hospital officials say that the Glass used in the facility were modified by another firm to read QR codes and that the medical records aren’t shared with Google.

Source: Boston Globe

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