Plus other changes proposed to improve capability and interoperability

The DisplayPort Task Group has proposed DisplayPort version 1.1, a developing standard for digital display connectivity, for consideration by the VESA membership. Task Group member companies proposing the new version include AMD (with ATI), Dell, Genesis Microchip, HP, Intel, Lenovo, NVIDIA, and Samsung Electronics.
According to VESA's announcement, DisplayPort 1.1 adds capabilities to support High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) in addition to DisplayPort Content Protection (DPCP) and includes technical enhancements that enable PCI-Express design compatibility in DisplayPort devices.

HDCP version 1.3 for DisplayPort will be provided by the DCP LLC. This version, expected to be final in early 2007, allows products supporting DVI or HDMI and DisplayPort to share a common key set.
The VESA DisplayPort Task Group is also working to complete a compliance and interoperability program for DisplayPort connectors, cables and devices to ensure functional compatibility between DisplayPort products.
DisplayPort version 2.0, a planned upgrade to the specification that will increase capacity and add new features based on DisplayPort’s unique micro-packet architecture while maintaining full backward compatibility with DisplayPort 1.1, is on deck for definition by the DisplayPort Task Group during 2007.

DisplayPort is designed to be a long term replacement for DVI, LVDS and eventually VGA in PCs. Compatibility with HDMI and DVI is also possible with DisplayPort products. An Interoperability Guideline providing recommendations for products supporting all three specifications is currently in development.

Despite efforts put into DisplayPort, other bodies are also working new or updated standards. The HDMI 1.3 standard was finalized over summer, which will be the going standard to ship with all PlayStation 3 consoles. In another effort to standardize, the upcoming Unified Display Interface (UDI) incorporates both DVI and HDMI into a single, backwards compatible plug.

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