A South Korean doctor who faked his cloning discovery last year was fired today

Hwang Woo-suk, a cloning scientist that worked at Seoul National University, was fired today.  Hwang was a leading researcher at one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea, but had his work discredited last year.  He fabricated research information in two scientific papers, both of which were highly regarded among science professionals.

The scientist claimed that he had successfully created cloned human embryos and was able to extract stem cells from them.  The university held a disciplinary committee meeting, which is when it was decided to officially fire Hwang.     

Seoul National University decided to fire the 53-year-old scientist following a disciplinary meeting, saying he and his co-workers caused the school to lose honor. Six other professors who worked with Hwang were either suspended or had their salaries cut, the school said.

Prosecutors have also been investigating the contamination of the stem cells used in Hwang's lab.  

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