AMD introducing the new device that you could experience Excellence in eSports and PC Gaming with The Radeon TM RX560.

The new graphics card completing the Radeon TM RX500 series graphics cards for the dedicated PC gamer.

Radeon RX 650 with Polaris architecture and smooth 1080p, future-ready Pixels and upgraded Radeon TM software features. This device is a mid-range graphics card , built on the 14nm process, and based on the Baffin Graphics processor, in its Baffin XT variant, the card supports Direct x 12.0. The Baffin graphics is an average sized chip with a die area of 123mm2 and 3000 million transistors.

The device features 1024 shading units,64 texture mapping units and 16 ROPs. the GPU is operating at a frequency of 1175 MHz, which can be boosted up to 1275MHz, with memory of 1750MHz

This device has been recommended for gaming with highest details at resolutions up to, and including 1680x1050. AMD Radeon RX 650 with dual card–slot, does not require any additional power connector, it draws power at rate of 75W maximum. Display outputs include: 1xDVI, 1x DisplayPort.

Radeon RX 560 uses a PCIe3.0x8 interface. The card measures 170mm in length and features a dual-slot cooling solution. It price at launch was $99. US dollars

The device more space

Memory: Graphics Features

Memory Size: 4096 MB Direct X: 12.0

Memory Type: GDDRS OpenGL : 4.5

Memory Bus: 128 bit OpenCL: 2.2

Bandwidth: 112.0 GB/s Shader Model: 5.0

There are no reviews available yet, but as soon as it is tested and reviewed then the result will be posted.

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