Further tidbits and benchmarks

Continuing on part one, we have further benchmarks and performance updates; as well as ATI and NVIDIA trying to take the first leads.

Firingsquad has published an extensive DX10 benchmark suite based on the DX9/10 game, Lost Planet. The benchmark can be found hereBit-Tech meanwhile went into depth on the effects in DX9 and DX10 modes respectively. I have also found the source to the original Lost Planet benchmarks, which can be found here at PCGamesHardware, however the site is written in German but the benchmarks have the ability to be understood as graphs.

Finally we have our daily brick of salt courtesy of ATI, published here at

Tomorrow Nvidia is expected to host new DirectX 10 content on in the form of a “Lost Planet” benchmark. Before you begin testing, there are a few points I want to convey about “Lost Planet

“Lost Planet” is an Nvidia-sponsored title, and one that Nvidia has had a chance to look at and optimize their drivers for. The developer has not made us aware of this new benchmark, and as such the ATI Radeon driver team has not had the opportunity explore how the benchmark uses our hardware and optimize in a similar fashion.

Over the next little while AMD will be looking at this, but in the meantime, please note that whatever performance you see will not be reflective of what gamers will experience in the final build of the game.

As seen with the ATI released Call of Juarez benchmarks, NVIDIA released a driver soon after that boosted the G8x series performance significantly in those benchmarks. So the final crown of DX10 performance is as of yet undecided until the drivers from the respective manufacturers mature.

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