DirecTV wants satellite TV on the ISS

During their rare downtime aboard the International Space Stations, astronauts will now be able to watch satellite TV courtesy of the DirecTV Group.  It is not uncommon for satellite TV companies to offer sometimesincredulous promotions to try to attract new customers, so a move like this doesn't surprise me.  

The DirecTV package will include high-definition TV channels, a DVR and a wicked HD 42-inch flat-screen TV that will have a Velco wrap remote to make sure astronauts don't lose the remote.

"Sure, there's the awe-inspiring view of planet Earth from more than 200 miles up, but what do you do for an encore after you've entered your 180th day in space?" asked Jon Gieselman, DirecTV senior VP of marketing.

Assuming NASA accepts the offer from DirecTV, a "top engineer" will be consulted to help install the satellite on top of a living module attached to the ISS.  I am not sure if NASA or the crew aboard the ISS need a DirecTV specialist to install a satellite for them, but it is a noble gesture.

Is it possible?

"Our engineers tell us that it is technically possible," said Robert Mercer, DirecTV spokesman.  "There are some obvious technical challenges, but we're ready to work with NASA if they accept our offer."

I don't really know if astronauts aboard the ISS need satellite TV, but it is truly a brilliant marketing ploy by DirecTV.  Then again, even people in orbit need to watch Monday Night Football!

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