UK Government planning to introduce ‘digital fences’ to fight terror attacks.

The United Kingdom on the go to install high-tech digital force fields around iconic buildings and bridges to block vehicle terror attacks in the country.


Department of Transportation of UK is investigating the use of internet-base solutions to counter a vehicle terror attacks, according to’ The Times.

London has witnessed three attacks in less than a year., including an attack on the parliament in March of 2017, the London Bridge and last one was a mosque in Finsbury Park last month. 


As it is reported UK ministers are interested in the development of technologies such as  “geo –fencing” system that employ satellites to create electronic boundaries around specific sites. Whereas Sweden has already started to adapt the technology to vehicles in response to an attack. Vehicle manufacturers including Volvo and Scania are involved in trials of the technology.


A British firm is also reportedly working on similar technology by using telematics-black box-style devices to shut sown a car or lorry when it has been hijacked.  

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