AMD's chief officer for marketing and sales, Henri Richard
Henri Richard talks about Intel, x86-64 and K8L

DigiTimes has posted the first of a five-part interview with AMD's chief officer for marketing and sales, Henri Richard. It appears that the interview was conducted earlier in the month before Conroe benchmarks started making the rounds given the nature of some of the responses. Here are just a few snippets from Part I.

Henri on Intel's processor development:

But frankly, they've made so many claims in the past – you know, the Netburst architecture was supposed to scale to 10GHz, and look at where we are today. Then their new-generation micro-architecture (NGMA), is, quite frankly, a quick fix on the front-side bus. I don't think that's the future of the Intel architecture. I think it's another quick fix until 2008 or later, when they're going to come out with a genuinely new architecture. So again, from a pure technology perspective, my assessment is that it's a lot of marketing – it's clever marketing, but it's not revolutionary. And calling it a new-generation microarchitecture is a little bit out of balance.

Henri on x86-64:

We've seen, at least in a couple of areas, Intel acknowledge that AMD was right. And it's important to note that finally they have x86-64 across their entire product range. And I'm happy about that because I think I can legitimately claim that if it wasn't for AMD, that wouldn't be the case...I think that that's an indirect acknowledgement of AMD's leadership – leadership in thought – because we clearly drove the industry to x86-64.

We interviewed Henri a few months ago, but with NGMA now announced (Core), Richard has a lot more to talk about. 

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