Su-Biosphere 2  (Source:

Biosphere 2  (Source:
Sub-Biosphere 2: The end game would be long-term human, plant and animal habitation in "Waterworld"

A London-based developer has come up with an ideal model that might offer hope to environmentalists and could help scientists monitor life in a whole new way. 

Sub-Biosphere 2 is a concept created by developer Phil Pauley.  Pauley envisions an underwater utopia where humans, plants, and animals co-exist and where aquanauts, tourism, and oceanographic life sciences thrive. 

Pauley modeled his design after Biosphere 2.  Biosphere 2 is a man-made, enclosed ecological system in Arizona.  The system was created by researchers at the University Of Arizona to explore the possibility of sustainable living in a closely monitored environment.

The difference between the two systems is that Biosphere 2 features above-ground biomes that include a rainforest, a grasslands desert, and an ocean complete with coral reef and wetlands.  

The Sub-Biosphere 2 will float on water and have a central supporting biome powering and controlling eight interactive living biomes.  Each biome will represent a different eco system.

The innovative control of variant atmospheric pressures that occur at depth will sustain all life-support systems for air, water, food, electricity, and other resources, according to Pauley.

The developer also says that the Sub-Biosphere 2 will be able to float or submerge.  The pressure at depth against the forces of air would act like a heart and lungs, sustaining life within the biomes.

A central support biome housing control equipment will monitor the life systems from within its own operations facility.

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