These day’s it is not unusual to find families to have more than one type computer. After all convenience of laptops is attractive but online bill payers and game player often chose desktop computer.

From security point and with comfort of home, work can be done faster without distractions. As this has been said but always decision is user’s. 
There are many computers available to choose from but based on the feature’s of computer which is more important you could consider.

For example Laptops reliability has been mostly ordinary. But overall Apple has best technical support, so Apple owners will have a positive tech –support than those with Windows computers. For none stop everyday use but is pricy


Another one is Dell Latitude 15 3570 Pros with strong multitasking performance: Powerful audio and long lasting batter life with optional 6-cell, durable chassis, and rescannable price.    

 Desktop computers
Again Apple is the most reliable among desktop brands. As far as price Apple Mac Pro under $1K, but Dell Inspiron Small with price starting under $350
Recommended models are choices with high score. There are eight best ChromeBook in the market that you could choose according to your need.
1-     Toshiba is the best with 13.3” screen that multiple windows open at the same time is not a problem and 4GB RAM and price from $450
2-     2- HP 14 –ak050nr has a quad core Intel Celeron N2940 processor
3-     if you are looking for something small and affordable is Samsung 3 with 4GB, 10hr battery life, 11.6 screen ,and weighs 2.54pound
4-     Acer 14 looks like high end Mac, but cost less and has 32GB onboard storage, priced under $400
5-     ASUS C300SA- DH02 is a good option that job can be done without breaking the bank.
6-     ASUS C720P this inexpensive device has touch screen, Bluetooth and Intel HD graphics.
7-     The Dell XDGJH that offer worry-free computing, which is perfect for students.
8-     ASUS FilipC 100Pa has small display with impressive battery life   makes it a handy for those that don’t mind small 10.6” screen.

Still you could pick for the list or others that fits your need and be perfect for the use and affordable as well.

"So if you want to save the planet, feel free to drive your Hummer. Just avoid the drive thru line at McDonalds." -- Michael Asher
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