Dell Streak MID  (Source: Dell)
An app will allow doctors to access hospital databases using the Streak

The tablet market is just starting to heat up. Apple's iPad really kicked the tablet market into high gear, and numerous other manufacturers are now looking to get in on a piece of the action.

Dell reports that from the outset that its Streak was designed in part with the clinician in mind. This is in part where the smaller 5-inch screen size for the Streak comes from. Dell is now set to push the Streak for doctors and nurses in hospitals and clinics. 
Reuters reports that Dell officially announced its intent to push the Streak hard for medical personnel and facilities on Tuesday.

The Streak runs on the Android OS and it will be able to interface with the medical database and medical records system that Dell acquired through its purchase of Perot Systems for $3.9 billion last year. The purchase of Perot systems was in part due to the strong medical customer base that Perot boasted, giving Dell and automatic inroads into the medical establishment around the country.

According to Dell, the Streak will be able to interface with the hospital and patient record database using an app specifically designed for the task. The app will provide secure and speedy access to the medical information.

Dell VP of Healthcare and Life Sciences Jamie Coffin said, "When we designed the device we thought about what a clinician might like, it's perfect size to fit into a lab coat, and allows you to be able to communicate anywhere."

Dell also notes that the Streak and its dual cameras will allow the caregiver to take photos of a patient as they progress. By using an app to remotely access, the patient record database the patient data is never stored on the Streak.

The Streak was first unveiled in July.

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