Dell continues to open data centers overseas, this time opening one in the Philippines

Dell opened its second customer call center in the Philippines yesterday; now the American company will employ around 2,600 people in the area.  "We're growing quite rapidly," said Dick Hunter, Dell vice president for customer experience. 

Dell plans on hiring 100 people per month until 2,600 employees are working in the region.  The facility already employs 200 Dell agents and Dell plans on starting the hiring process immediately.  Dell will have around 6,500 employees in the country within five years.

Dell has locations where customers can call or e-mail in more than 25 locations around the world.  Dell recently opened a global business center in Malaysia that now provides 24-hour technology and engineering support to Dell branches around the world. The center is not intended for customer-direct use.

Dell did not disclose how much the company has invested for its total operations in the Philippines.  The Philippines continue to be an ideal location for tech companies to set up call centers and other business operations due to an "English-savvy" population with lots of students.  In fact, the call center industry appears to be one of the booming sectors in the Philippines, with more than 180,000 people employed in the job sector.

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