Dell suddenly closes Edmonton facility after touting it as the top-performing facility globally

The Edmonton Journal reports that Dell has closed its Canadian call center located in Edmonton after only three years of a 20-year lease was fulfilled. The closing of the call center resulted in the loss of 900 jobs to employees working in the center.

Dell recently decided to change its traditional exclusive marketing approach of direct sales and now offers computers in retail outlets. With stiff competition in the computer industry Dell has had to fight hard for market share with the likes of HP, Acer and Apple, and is now attempting to cut costs in an effort to remain competitive.

The Edmonton Journal quotes Dell’s Edmonton site leader Dave Vanden Bosch as saying, “This has been a difficult decision. We have a good team of people, and will do all we can to help them and our community partners through this transition." The call center was touted by company founder Michael Dell as being the best of the Dell breed and one of the companies highest performing call centers in the world.

Sources at Dell say that the closure of the call center and cutting all the employees was partly a result of the strong Canadian dollar and the difficulty keeping employees due to the hot job market in the Edmonton area. The strong job market reportedly made it difficult for Dell to keep trained employees that could maintain the Dell expectations for customer service. The closing of the facility is expected to be done over several months and other companies are reported to be interested in the facility itself.

Dell also recently announced it was closing all of its U.S. kiosks and direct sales stores.

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