Alienware headquarters in Miami, Florida

Alienware's homepage now looks strikingly similar to Dell's
Alienware says it will be unaffected by the acquisition but at the same time seeks to embrace Dell's methodologies

Alienware and Dell have announced an agreement to merge, with Dell buying the Miami company. Alienware has long been a very independent company with a strong focus on highly tuned customer support and customization. Alienware pioneered the custom PC business by doing such things as: customizing the manual in the customer's name; including benchmarks of the system, installing and tweaking drivers, and installing whatever games the customer wanted. Long story short, Alienware gave great individualized attention to its patrons.

We believe that this acquisition will offer our customers the best of both worlds — an Alienware that takes advantage of the world-class business practices and operational efficiencies that have made Dell one of the most respected companies in the world, while preserving the DNA of the Alienware brand and product strategy portfolio.

Alienware says that Dell executives have agreed to let Alienware operate independently, with its own marketing and product strategies. In the above statement however, it's clear that Alienware expects to embrace some of Dell's own strengths, which sit squarely in the realm of low cost, mass production, and offshore support. All of these traits give Dell its strength -- besides its sell direct approach, which Alienware already does.

Surprisingly, Rahul Sood, VoodooPC's president and our resident blogger recently predicted that Dell would buy Alienware in a blog he wrote several weeks ago. It will be interesting to see how Dell corporate will transform Alienware. Nelson Gonzalez, Chief Executive Officer of Alienware has a statement.

Interestingly, Alienware sells PCs based on AMD's processors, but Dell does not.

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