Dell brings out a new 13" model for Back-to-School

Earlier today, DailyTech brought you news of Dell's new Studio Hybrid desktop PC. The stylish PC aims to take on the likes of Apple's Mac Mini and starts at $499.

The Studio Hybrid, however, isn't the only news coming out of Dell today. The Texas-based company also announced a new Inspiron notebook computer that will arrive just in time for the Back-to-School rush next month.

The Inspiron 13, as its name implies, features a 13" display (presumably 1280x800) and weighs in at just under five pounds. The notebook will come standard with touch-sensitive media keys, an 8-in-1 media reader, and a slot-loading DVD burner which is typically reserved for Dell's higher-priced notebooks.

The notebook will first be made available for consumers on August 3 in Wal-Mart stores. Those who wish to purchase the notebook online will have to wait until late August. Pricing for Dell's new 13" model will start at $699.

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