Indiana's Department of Education will begin making cursive optional starting this fall

Most people remember learning how to write in cursive back in elementary school. The teacher would draw all the squiggly-looking letters on the blackboard as we tried our best to mimic each loop and line. 

But now, children in Indiana's school systems will no longer be required to learn to write in cursive, as Indiana's Department of Education will make it optional for schools to teach this style of handwriting. 

Instead, the department is focusing on students' keyboard use. Indiana will enforce more typing programs because it makes more sense in our day and age, as computers become a larger part of our professional lives.

“I’m really not on one end or the other,” said Ericka Hostetter, a mother of three. “I see the points of both sides, but to tell you the truth, I probably lean more toward the keyboard.”

While encouraging better typing skills is a must for today's digital age, TIME's NewsFeed brings up a valid point: How will Indiana children know how to sign their name?

"When you're born, someone signs your birth certificate. When you're married, you have to sign your marriage license. When you die, someone's going to sign your death certificate. All these things are important aspects of your life," said Doug Kennedy in an interview with WKRC.

"I think it's a shame, because as long as we have hands, handwriting is going to be important for some kind of human communication."

Indiana's Department of Education will begin making cursive optional starting this fall.

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