This new router by D-Link is packed with features that give you reliable 4K media streaming, and lag free online gaming.

D-Link essentially gives you three routers in one with the AC3200 ULTRA W-Fi Router.  This has one 2.4GHz wireless band that has speeds up to 600MBPS and two additional wireless bands that deliver speeds up to 1,300Mbps.  All three bands operate simultaneosluy which translates into a product that is ready to steam all of your 4K content while allowing for intensse online gaming.

Photo Source: D-Link
The AC3200 has a Smart Connect Technology that keeps you connected by automatically chosing the best and clearest available band for each of your devices everytime you connect. You get full coverage throughout your home with D-Link's Smart Beam Forming which sends a direct signal to your phone or tablet that detects where you are and where your are moving in your home to keep you connected.

Photo Source: Gadgetstouse

Here is what you get from the ports on the backside of the AC3200.
1. USB 3.0 - Share your media with your friends
2. USB 2.0 - Share a printer
3. WPS Button - Connect with the push of a button
4. Gigabit LAN ports - Connect up to 4 wired devices
5. Internet WAN port - For your Internet cable
Here are the SPECS:

Ideal Usage 4K streaming, online gaming on multiple devices
Wi-Fi Bands Tri-Band

Band Speeds 1 x 2.4Ghz 600
2 x 5 Ghz 1300

CPU Processor Dual Core 1 Ghz
Range Ultimate

Ports 1 x USB 2.0
1 x USB 3.0

Advanced Features Beam Forming
Smart Connect
Security WPA / WPA2
Performance Traffic Prioritization, Tri-Band Technology, Band Steering, Advanced AC SmartBeam

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