Good thing it's a hummingbird -- a woodpecker could damage the screen
No need to wear any funky glasses to see in the third dimension

Philips isn’t the only one showing off 3D LCD at CES. 3D software and content company DDD Group and Syntax-Brillian, maker of Olevia LCD TVs, is demonstrating 3D technology from video games to movies on a specially modified 32" Olevia 532H LCD HDTV. Like the Philips, viewers do not need any special equipment or glasses to see the 3D effect; but unlike Philips, the DDD offering is aimed at displaying games and movies.

The 3D Olevia 532H is equipped with Arisawa's Xpol 3D optical material that enables both normal 2D and stereoscopic 3D content to be displayed on the screen. The 3D Olevia 532H is also powered by DDD's TriDef Vision+ that converts any existing 2D broadcast or DVD content to 3D in real time.

"The alliance with Syntax-Brillian now allows us to demonstrate a state-of-the-art 3D TV experience to key distributors and retailers in North America," said Chris Yewdall, Chief Executive of DDD. "The 3D Olevia 532H delivers the best 3D TV viewing experience we have yet seen."

"We were very impressed when we first saw the 3D TV system," said Sam Miller, Chief Product Officer for Syntax-Brillian. "3D represents the next step in enhancing the visual experience for our customers. We are excited to see the reaction to the opportunity to bring digital cinema quality 3D to the home on our range of best-in-class HDTVs."

The three companies involved in this demonstration each bring something unique to the table. Syntax-Brillian brings the TV, although its choice in using the mid-range 32” 1360x768 display is a little puzzling. Arisawa brings its 3D optical layer of regularly arranged micro-polarizers, which works not only with LCD, but with projection and direct-view as well. DDD created a box, designed jointly with Arisawa, that converts in real time any 2D video signal into 3D. DDD has other ventures into 3D, such as adapting its TriDef technology to Google Earth.

In addition to Philips’ recent showing, LG demonstrated 3D LCDs last year on bigger and higher resolution panels, but required pre-encoded content for 3D.

"There is a single light of science, and to brighten it anywhere is to brighten it everywhere." -- Isaac Asimov
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