EPP DDR2-800 memory automatically overclocks to 1064MHz in the nForce 590 system
DDR2-1000 on DDR2-800 memory, fully automated

As part of the ongoing saga that is Tritium, Corsair and NVIDIA just made an announcement about SLI memory, dubbed EPP, or Enhanced Performance Profiles. NVIDIA and Corsair claim that by using aggressive latencies, optimized SPD timings and non-JEDEC commands, DDR2 memory can reach in excess of 1.2GHz on reference AM2 motherboards. As we've mentioned before, when Tritium-certified components are present in nForce 590 motherboards, the system automatically overclocks core components.  EPP memory, such as the memory Corsair has announced today, is one of those certified components and will automatically overclock.

NVIDIA's EPP specification guide claims "While the JEDEC SPD definitions have been used very effectively, they are not sufficiently comprehensive for overclocking applications. In such applications there are many parameters that are modified, and no provision exists in the JEDEC SPD specification to allow the system to make these changes automatically."   By adding commands in the SPD area that currently have been reserved for future SPD expansion, NVIDIA is able to add hardware hooks that do things like change the memory voltage on the fly.  The EPP specification details that two full profiles may be stored in the data area of the SPD, which are then used for storing voltage settings, memory timings, etc.

NVIDIA and Corsair stress the EPP standard is open, and has been submitted to JEDEC for approval.  Corsair has two components they are announcing today, both are expected to be available on May 23, 2006 to coincide with the AM2 platform launch.  The TWINX2048-8500C5 is a matched pair 5-5-5 2GB kit capable of running at 2.2V.  The TWINX2048-6400C4 is a matched pair 4-4-4 2GB kit capable of running at 2.1V.  Of course, extended profiles only work on AM2 nForce 590 motherboards and approved BIOSes, so you'll have to mind which nForce 590 motherboards you're purchasing if you plan to use the new memory.

OCZ and Kingston also have EPP certified memory in the development queue.  Neither company has released a SKU yet, but OCZ has assured DailyTech the company will have working EPP modules for sampling at the time of the AM2 launch.

Update 05/16/2006: NVIDIA public relations has contacted DailyTech claiming EPP has not been submitted to JEDEC.  Instead, NVIDIA's Bryan Del Rizzo says "We told editors who were briefed beforehand that we would be submitting to JEDEC for possible ratification at the earliest possible opportunity."

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