Apparent he was mixing business with pleasure

William Vasilakos was arrested for "breach of the peace" (more commonly known as disturbing the peace) two years ago.  After being taken away by the cops, the Stamford, Connecticut resident discovered that they had also confiscated something entirely unrelated to the case -- his cell phone.

And it wasn't just any cell phone.  This phone was loaded with homemade sex pictures and video of Mr. Vasilakos, 39, and his girlfriend  

The arresting officer, Officer Michael Presti, apparently was so enthused that he forwarded himself and another person eight messages containing the videos and pictures (this arguably fits the definition of sexting, albeit sexting oneself).  When Mr. Vasilakos finally received his phone back he was shocked when he noticed that the pics had been sent out in a message. 

Mr Vasilakos filed suit against Mr. Presti in U.S. district court.  His attorney, Norman Pattis, said the episode caused Mr. Vasilakos and his girlfriend great emotional anguish.

He comments, "They were deeply in love and they had memorialized that love in a way that they thought was appropriate, and the officer treated them like a couple of porn stars."

He is seeking unspecified damages on behalf of the plaintiffs.

Mr. Pattis says that he has evidence that the police department was aware of Officer Presti's conduct and initiated disciplinary proceedings.  He was unsure, however, what the results of those proceedings were.

The incident is made somewhat more ironic, given the fact that police officer in the U.S. recently have sought to ban people from taking pictures of 
them in action (on the job, that is) for fear of being caught doing dirty deeds.

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