Boeing gives users a freebie after its service fails

Think that having high-speed internet while at an altitude of 30,000 feet is a cool idea? We certainly do, but apparently most of the general public doesn't. We reported back in June that Boeing was looking to sell or discontinue its Connexion in-flight internet service due to lack of interest. During mid-August, Boeing made it official by announcing that it is calling it quits.

"Over the last six years, we have invested substantial time, resources and technology in Connexion by Boeing," said Boeing Chairman, President and CEO Jim McNerney. "Regrettably, the market for this service has not materialized as had been expected. We believe this decision best balances the long-term interests of all parties with a stake in Connexion by Boeing."

Boeing plans to phase out its Connexion service in 2007, but until then, it plans to offer in-flight service for free. See MobileRead for more, plus a listing of all flights still offering Connexion.

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