Boston and Washington, D.C. face internet outages on eve of Cyber Monday

Many Comcast subscribers on the east coast were left without cable internet services last night. The Washington Post points to a possible problem with Comcast's Domain Name Servers (DNS) that left many in the Boston and Washington, D.C. areas without service.

"Late this evening, our engineers identified a server issue that was affecting only Internet service in Greater Boston and DC/Beltway areas," a Comcast spokesperson told CNN.

According to PCWorld, many users reported that once they changed their settings from Comcast's DNS servers to Google's or the ones offered by the Open DNS project, their internet worked fine.

The problem appeared to be mostly resolved by early this morning, but Comcast did not indicate how many customers had been or still were affected. 

The outage came as millions of online shoppers are prepping for Cyber Monday, the first Monday after Black Friday that is known for internet-only deals. At the very least, the mass outage is sure to be a bit of a public relations challenge, hardly something any cable company is hoping for right now.

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