Quadro graphics comes to the X7200 notebook

Clevo is a computer maker that sells white box machines to many different notebook sellers that brand them as their own machines. One of the sellers of the Clevo machines is AVADirect. Clevo and AVADirect have announced that Clevo will be rolling the new NVIDIA Quadro 5010M into the X7200 notebook.

The Quadro 5010M is a professional level graphics card that is also able to consume less power than some other GPUs on the market. The Quadro 5010M packs in 384 CUDA cores, 4GB of memory, and has max power consumption of 100W. The 5010M also supports NVIDIA Optimus graphics switching technology.

Clevo and AVADirect both say that the new GPU is a Quadro 5010M and its 256-bit interface are helping to close the gap between the performance offered by mobile GPUs and desktop GPUs.

The new graphics solution should be appealing to the professional user that uses lots of GPU-hungry CAD and design applications. Likewise, the Optimus technology will let the notebook move between the discrete GPU and more power sipping internal graphics processing. 

For those that don’t require professional-level graphics, more consumer-oriented NVIDIA GeForce and ATI Radeon options are available with the X7200.

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