The jailed Chinese writer, Shi Tao, former editor of Contemporary Business News, was sent to jail in April 2005

Yahoo may be heading to court because it allegedly turned over information to the Chinese government about a journalist who was leaking state secrets.  A lawmaker in Hong Kong has turned over documents to Hong Kong's Office of the Privacy Commission for Person Data in regards to Yahoo possibly having a hand in getting a journalist jailed for 10 years.  Albert Ho, along with a representative from Tao's family, filed the complaint claiming Yahoo violated a Hong Kong personal data privacy ordinance because the company turned over information to the government.  Zhang Yu, the representative for the Tao family, said that the family is considering possible court action.  According to Forbes:

'We believe what (Yahoo) did was illegal so we are considering taking Yahoo to court,' Zhang told reporters, adding that Yahoo had refused to discuss the matter with him.

Search engine companies have been having an interesting time trying to operate within China's borders:  Google is still receiving criticism for agreeing to censor material, and the reason Yahoo is under fire was just discussed.

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