It wants "a clear explanation" and the U.S. to "stop such acts"

The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) has some explaining to do after more leaked documents revealed that the agency has been spying on Chinese company Huawei
According to Reuters, China is demanding an explanation from Washington for the NSA spying on Huawei. 
"Recently, the international media has put out a lot of reports about the eavesdropping, surveillance and stealing of secrets by the United States of other countries, including China," said Hong Lei, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman.
"China has already lodged many complaints with the United States about this. We demand that the United States makes a clear explanation and stop such acts."
The NSA's spying tactics on Huawei came to light earlier this week thanks to more leaked documents from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. 

[SOURCE: Yahoo News]

The documents show that the NSA created back doors into Huawei’s China-based headquarters in order to confirm its suspicions about the inner workings of the company’s routers and digital switches. 
The NSA even spied on Huawei’s top executives as a part of a program called “Shotgiant," which began in 2007. 
The idea behind the NSA's spying on Huawei was to keep tabs on the People’s Liberation Army as well as enable the U.S. to conduct surveillance on foreign nations.
What's ironic is that the U.S. accused China-based Huawei of using its networking equipment to spy on the U.S. in the past. The U.S. House Intelligence Committee even moved to ban Chinese OEMs from the U.S. smartphone and router markets back in late 2012. 
A little earlier in 2008, the U.S. blocked Huawei from purchasing 3Com out of concerns for national security (Hewlett-Packard was ultimately the buyer). Huawei was unable to purchase Sprint Nextel as well, but Japan-based Softbank was given the green light. 
Huawei denied accusations of illegally smuggling telecommunications equipment into Iran and spying on the U.S.

Source: Reuters

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