China claimed their ability search for alien life forms by suing a radio telescope , launched Sunday, which astronomers called a “game change”.

By. B. Saimin

With Gazer, the world’s largest star will allow China to search space, and viewing the distance galaxies more than any other nation done before.  Discovering the unknowns of the cosmos since its creation in the rapid expansion under many conditions about billion years ago.

Photo Source: Neil Connor/Telegraph

The FAST (Five- hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope) known as gigantic dish, biggest the Arecibo Telescope in Puerto Rico, and ten times sensitive, is situated in south west China’s Guizhou province. 

This telescope seeks to find the answers on the living organisms to thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth, through studying the neutral Hydrogen, also will produce data on physical fact or situation that is exist in space, such as celestial objects and black holes.

But it is the gargantuan dish that hunts extra living life, which has got scientists highly interested.But now “a more thorough search is possible “ the expert on the Chinese space program added

After more than two decades FAST became a reality. First on 1993 there was uncertainty but later scientists agreed on an appropriate site by verdant hills in south of Guiyang city.
An equilateral triangle created with mountains that dish placed in a valley with out digging underground. The minute this giant dish switching on by an official, and moment this breakthrough recognized by the ruling Communist party China shape into a world leader in science.

Dr. Douglas Vakoch, President of METI International said, the dish will not initially be outfitted with the signal processing capabilities to scan for aliens. But it will soon be able to “churn through the comic static, looking for the telltale signs of intelligence.
“FAST will look for signs of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations in the vicinity of other stars, seeking radio signals that stand out as unlike anything that the universe can create “Dr. Vakoch told The Telegraph.

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