Boyfriend/co-conspirator abandoned suspect and ran off; cops find a modest size crack rock on the female suspect

If you feel threatened by someone, usually it's a good idea to call 911.  A local Seattle woman, however, demonstrated the rare case where that isn't such a good idea.

The Seattle Police Department responded to a seemingly routine 911 call over the weekend.  A 20-year female called the cops from the local Chevron Corp. (CVX) gas station on the 6600 Martin Luther King Way S block, just southeast of Seattle's downtown district.  She said a 21-year-old male was following her and that she felt threatened.

Cops arrived on the scene, but from there the story quickly took a bizarre twist.   The cops found the 20-year-old standing outside the gas station arguing with the aforementioned 21-year-old male.  The police officers grew suspicious when they noticed the male was wounded, while the female looked unharmed.

Gas Station 6600 MLK Way S
The police found the suspect and her victim at this gas station. [Image Source: Google Street View]

Interviewing the two citizens, the woman gave a vague story about the man following her off the bus.  The male who had "[noticeable] bumps, bruises, cuts, and scrapes " according to local police, gave cops a "quite different" account.

He said he had been travelling on one of the city's Metro buses when, exhausted, he drifted off to sleep.  He was rudely awakened when the music he was listening too abruptly stopped.  Startled, he looked around to see the 21-year-old female and a male cohort (described as likely her boyfriend) holding his smartphone, which they were apparently planning to steal.

Seattle phone crime
A Google Map of where the police found the pair [Image Source: Google Maps]

The 21-year-old man asked the couple to return his phone, at which point he was viciously attacked by both the 20-year-old woman and her male friend who held him down punching and kicking him.  The victim reported being kicked in the head multiple times during the assault.

Despite his injuries the outraged victim still managed to give chase to the suspects who fled off the bus on foot.  The male suspect reportedly escaped as he kept on running, abandoning his girlfriend-cum-partner-in-crime.  Unable to keep up the pace, the female suspect grew tired, stopping at the gas station where the male victim caught up to her and began demanding her phone back.  At that point she did what any criminal mastermind cops would do -- she called the cops and encouraged them to come help her.

cell phone thief
[Image Source: Android Authority]

Police were uncertain if the male suspect's wild account checked out.  They were uncertain, that is until they noticed a "phone like bulge" in the female suspect's pocket.  Searching her, they discovered the phone that she stole from the victim.  And they also found a little extra surprise -- three grams of crack cocaine.

The bizarre 911 call ended with the officers helping the male victim into an ambulance, where he was taken to 
Harborview Medical Center for treatment.  The female suspect meanwhile, was booked into King County Jail on suspicion of aggravated assault, robbery, and drug charges.  Local police say they're still searching for her significant other, who also happens to be her apparent partner in crime.

Sources: Seattle Police Department [blog], KOMO News

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