Casio EX-FH20 Digital Camera  (Source: Casio)
Casio's EX-FH20 shoots burst and slow motion video DSLRS will be jealous of

One of the biggest problems for many point-and-shoot digital cameras is that they can’t shoot fast bursts or snap pictures quick enough to be able to shoot fast action like soccer games and moving vehicles. Casio has a new digital camera that will be more than adequate for fast action.

The new camera is called the High Speed Exilim EX-FH20. The camera can shoot bursts at up to 40 frames per second (FPS) and can record movies at up to 1,000 FPS -- something even new D-SLR cameras like the Nikon D90 can’t match. In March, Casio announced the Exilim Pro EX-F1, which it claimed to be the world's fastest digital camera with 60 FPS bursts and 1,200 FPS movie recording.

The new EX-FH20 features a 20x optical zoom and is 27% smaller than the EX-F1 as well as being 28% lighter. The camera features 9.1 effective megapixels and when shooting in burst mode at 40 FPS, the camera can shoot in 7-megapixel resolution.

Movie recording speed is user selectable at 1,000 FPS, 420 FPS, 210 FPS, or 30 FPS. Other features include a high-speed anti-shake function, high-speed night scene setting, and a HD movie mode that records at 1280 x 720 with 30 FPS.

Still images can be taken in RAW and JPEG formats with movies taken in AVI format, motion JPEG, and IMA-ADPCM. The camera has a miserly 31.9MB of internal memory and stores the bulk of its images to SDHC/SD cards. When movies are recorded at 1,000 FPS, the resolution drops to 224 x 56. The camera features a 3-inch LCD and an electronic viewfinder. The EX-FH20 will be available in October for $599.99.

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