Carriers slash Z10 price down to $49

Things are very tough over at BlackBerry as its long-anticipated new operating system BlackBerry 10 and smartphones running the operating system have failed to catch on in the marketplace. BlackBerry is struggling to lure customers back to the brand in the face of stiff competition from Apple, Samsung, and other smartphone manufacturers.
In orders to improve sales, many carriers and retailers have started discounting the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone significantly.

The device previously sold for $199 with a new two-year contract. Now Amazon is offering the Z10 at $49 price with a two-year contract. Meanwhile, Best Buy has matched Amazon’s $49 price for the Verizon version of the Z10, however, the AT&T version is actually available for free at Best Buy. Unfortunately, we don’t know how long that promotion will last.
The device sells for about $700 without a contract.

Considering that BlackBerry only launched the Z10 in March, such a steep discount is a clear signal that the device isn't selling. Popular smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S 3 typically only see such dramatic price cuts when a new device is set to launch or shortly after the launch of the new device.
A BlackBerry spokesperson maintains that "now is the right time to adjust the price" as newer models are coming.

The spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal, "It's part of life cycle management to tier the pricing for current devices to make room for the next ones. This is just one element of our marketing strategy that will ensure we remain aggressive in a very competitive market landscape."

While Best Buy and are offering the BlackBerry Z10 at only $49, Verizon Wireless and AT&T are remaining more optimistic. Verizon and AT&T cut the price of the Z10 to $99.99 with a two-year activation.
BlackBerry recently posted a surprising loss as its new devices have failed to grab consumer interest.

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