The winning vehicle  (Source: Tartan Racing)
Carnegie Mellon University won the DARPA Urban Challenge event hosted by DARPA

Carnegie Mellon's Tartan Racing Team was today announced as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Urban Challenge 60-mile event in Victorville, Calif. 

Each of the 11 unmanned vehicles left a designated starting shoot one-by-one at 8:00 a.m. PST yesterday morning.  The Stanford University "Junior" vehicle finished in second to earn $1 million, and Virginia Tech came in third to win $500,000.  MIT's vehicle finished in fourth place.

None of the winning teams committed any major infractions, allowing DARPA to select the winner based on total time on course.  Carnegie Mellon finished 20 minutes ahead of Stanford and around 40 minutes ahead of Virginia Tech.

An hour into the event all 11 vehicles were safely on course attempting to complete all the objectives DARPA placed on the course.   

The following teams did not complete the challenges and were eliminated: Team UCF, Honeywell/IVS Team, Team Oshkosh Truck, Team Annieway, and CarOLO.  Team CarOLO was given a reprieve after a near accident, but was eliminated after the team's Volkswagen Passat almost rean head-on with another team's vehicle as it went around a traffic circle.

The MIT robot entry, Talos, and Skynet, commanded by Cornell University, were involved in a minor fender bender during the race, but DARPA allowed both cars to continue the challenge.

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